Determination! This is one of the D’s of success. Determination is one of the important qualities you need to posses when trying to pursue a worthwhile goal or endeavor.  Merriam-Webster defines determination as “a quality that makes you continue to do or achieve something that is difficult”.  It all starts with you making the decision… Continue reading Determination

Sweetheart Race 2017

I started my Saturday @ 5am in the gym with a weight training session and a 3 mile run on the treadmill. I had a great workout!   Approximately 3 hours after leaving the gym, I ran in my first race for the year. I ran in the Sweetheart 5K run in Flushing, Michigan.  Today’s weather… Continue reading Sweetheart Race 2017

Are you Serious? 

Are you serious about reaching your goals?  The New Year surge has come and gone once again. Only those who are serious are still going strong.  External motivation will only get you so far. You have to dig deep and find that inner motivation to keep going. That fire 🔥! You need to have a… Continue reading Are you Serious?