2017 Race Update 

Hello my friends! We are in the final hours of 2016. Are you ready for 2017? I’m definitely ready! I’m excited for the upcoming year. I finally have my 2017 race list finalized. In 2017 I plan to race in 19 events ranging from 5K distance to full Marathon distance. I also have Duathlons thrown in the mix to keep things interesting. My race season will kickoff in early April and conclude in early November. 

2017 Races 

4/2/2017 – Buffalo Wild Wings (8K)

4/22/2017 – Martian Marathon (5K) and Half Marathon 

5/7/2017 – Du the Bricks Duathlon 

5/13/2017 – 5/3 River Bank Run (25K) 

6/1/2017 – Swartz Creek Run (5K)

6/4/2017 – Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon 

6/7/2017 – Flushing Evening Run (5k)

6/17/2017 – Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon 

7/15/2017 – Chicago Rock N Roll (5K)

7/16/2017 – Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon

7/29/2017 – Sanford & Sun Duathlon 

8/3/2017 – Great Pizza Challenge (5K)

8/25/2017 – The Michigan Mile 

8/26/2017 – The CRIM (10 Mile) 

9/17/2017 – Capital City River Run Half Marathon 

10/15/2017 – Detroit Marathon (26.2)

10/29/2017 – Wicked Halloween Run (10K)

11/19/2017 – Kona Chocolate Run (10K)

Throughout the year I will provide regular updates on my training and will provide a recap and review of each race. I’m looking to run 1100+ miles in 2017. I will have many morning runs and many things to blog about 😀 Stay tuned! 

Until next time my friends! Be more, Do more! Let’s Go!



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