Last Month of 2016! 


I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this morning and I feel awesome! 

It’s the last month of 2016! This year flew by! My goal is to finish 2016 in great fashion and put an exclamation mark on this year! 

Today, I filled out my calendar with the days I plan to workout and my rest days. In week 50 I’m forecasted to cross the 1000 mile mark for running. 

Whenever a new day, week, month, or year begins, I get very excited and extra motivated. I use these special times to adjust or recommit to my goals. 

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this final month. A lot can be accomplished in 31 days. Put an action plan together and execute. Let’s finish up 2016 and get ready for an awesome 2017.

Until next time! Be more, Do more! Let’s Go!

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