Half Marathon #39 – Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 

Today I ran my 39th half marathon. I finished with a time of 1:55:28. There were 10,000 participants for the half marathon. I placed 1905  overall out of 10,000. The race started in downtown Indianapolis. The temperature at the start of the race was approximately 42 degrees. 

The first few miles of the race was congested. I did not mind this at all because I got the opportunity to check out the scenery and the spectacular monuments. By mile 4 I was in my groove and maintained a strong pace for the next several miles. At mile 10 my legs were feeling pretty good so I decided to pick up the pace. My pace for the last 3 miles were faster than the first 10 miles and my last mile was the fastest mile. I love finishing races in this fashion. 

The race had fluid stations placed every 1.5 miles or so. There were plenty of volunteers along the course and local law enforcement officials did a great job managing the intersections. 

I received a cool medal at the finish and a nice red skull cap. 


I enjoyed running in this race. The course was fast and flat. If you are looking for a good race to hit a new PR or qualify for Boston, this race would be a great option. I had this race on my list for several years. This course did not disappoint. 

Another half marathon in the books! This will be my last race until spring 2017. I am going to spend the winter months getting stronger and improving my speed. 

Let me know what you think. Please like, share, or leave a comment. 

Until next time my friends! Be more, Do more! Let’s Go!


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