Set SMART Goals instead of New Year’s Resolutions!

Hello my friends! We’ve been blessed with another beautiful day!  I had a short run on the treadmill this morning after my weight training session. As always,  I had some great thoughts flowing through my mind.  We are approaching the last month of 2016. Have you stated your planning for 2017? Now is the time… Continue reading Set SMART Goals instead of New Year’s Resolutions!

It was once a dream…

Hello good people!  We’ve been blessed with another day!  I had an epic weight training session this morning followed by an awesome 3 mile run on the treadmill. During my run I was thinking about when I first began running over 11 years ago. My motivation to begin running was to get in shape for… Continue reading It was once a dream…

900 Miles and back to writing!

This morning  I crossed the 900 mile mark. With approximately 7 weeks remaining this year, I should end up running a little over 1040 miles. This has been a great year of running. I’m looking forward to finishing the year strong.  I had a great workout in the gym this morning. I worked my quads,… Continue reading 900 Miles and back to writing!

Half Marathon #39 – Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 

Today I ran my 39th half marathon. I finished with a time of 1:55:28. There were 10,000 participants for the half marathon. I placed 1905  overall out of 10,000. The race started in downtown Indianapolis. The temperature at the start of the race was approximately 42 degrees.  The first few miles of the race was… Continue reading Half Marathon #39 – Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 

Quick 5 

Hello my friends!  I ran 5 miles this morning and I feel awesome! I started my run at 5:30am and the the temperature was 51 degrees. I ran my favorite 5 mile route.  Only 2 more days until the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to this race. This will be my last race… Continue reading Quick 5