That Fit Life! 

Hello my friends! We’ve been blessed with another beautiful day! I had a great workout this morning. My workout began with a weight training session followed by a 3 mile run on the treadmill. 

The other day someone asked me, “Jeremy, what is that fit life?”. I simply answered by saying “It’s all about being mentally fit, spiritually fit, and physically fit”. Maintaining health and Fitness is a life long journey. I firmly believe that living “That Fit Life” enhances the quality of life. It’s a life of continuous improvement and learning. 

One of the wonderful aspects of this lifestyle is that you don’t have to take this journey alone. There are so many people on this journey and they are committed to living a healthy life. This lifestyle has improved every aspect of my life and has inspired many people. I invite you to join me on this journey and accomplishing our goals and dreams together. 
Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment, like, or share. 

Until next time my friends! Be more, Do more! Let’s Go!

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