Half Marathon #38 – Detroit Free Press Marathon 

Today I ran my 38th half marathon. My finish time was 1:55:33. I placed 1059th of 11,197 overall and 121st of 516 in my age group. This was my 6th fastest time out my 38 half marathons. My goal was to finish under two hours. I knocked it out of the ball park 😀. 

The race started at 7:00am with a wave start. I started with the 3rd wave.  The temperature was 66 degrees. The race start was at the corner of Fort and Washington. I started with an easy pace and ran with the crowd for the first 2 miles. I got in my groove around mile 3 and kept a steady pace over the Ambassador Bridge. The run through Windsor Canada was nice! The spectators were awesome on the Canada side. The trip back through the under water tunnel was very cool. One of my favorite points in the race is when we came out of the tunnel to turn on Jefferson, the street was lined with spectators cheering on the runners. I caught my second wind at this point in the race and finished strong 💪🏾.
The course was moderate with a few hills. The course took us through downtown Detroit, Over the Ambassador Bridge, downtown Windsor, through the under water tunnel, and ended in downtown Detroit. There was great race support from the local police and border control. Water and aid stations were placed every two miles and there were plenty of smiling volunteers. 

Overall, I had a blast at the race today. I have one more half marathon for 2016. I’ll be lacing up for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 3 weeks. 

That’s it for now folks! Half Marathon #38 is in the books! Be more,Do more! Let’s Go!  

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